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Welcome to Pawfect Pair

About Me

Hello, My name is Gemma and Pawfect pair is my creation. I have always been a lover of dogs. having grown up on the outskirts of the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, I was surrounded by dogs of all different shapes and sizes. That's me in the picture with my lovable dog Obi. He is an adorable boisterous Rhodesian Ridgeback and i absolutely love spending my days with him. I’ve always had a passion for pets and firmly believe they are part of the family. But it’s dogs that I adore. I can’t imagine life without one; walks would be boring, and the house would be very quiet! I decided to create Pawfect Pair. It gives me the opportunity to work with those I love the most.

​I decided to start Pawfect Pair whilst I was in progress of planning for my own wedding, Exciting times!!! I realised that i faced the same dilemma as i desperately wanted my beautiful Obi to be a part of the big day but I struggled to find anyone that I could trust to look after Obi that was'nt already a guest.This was catalyst for Pawfect Pair. I wanted to offer a first class service, providing a platform for our furry loved ones to be a part of the occasion. The pets will be there to share all the memorable moments, whilst seamlessly slipping away into the background under the watchful eye of their own personal chaperone. Knowing their furry bundles of joy are receiving the highest level of care and attention the bride and groom can just sit back, relax and just take in the moment. Please checkout the wedding package price list page.

​​ The following comes as standerd for peace of mind:

  • DBS checked

  • Fully Insured

  • Dog First aid trained

  • Full, clean driver license

About Me: Welcome
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